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At Beautycode we offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments. Our special expertise and great passion is aesthetic treatments from a medical point of view and the prevention and slowing down of aging. The high quality of our work, innovative new technologies. Taking into account the needs of the individual are our priorities.

** We recommend that you pop in to the reception for a free consultation with a professional before starting the treatment series. And because home care is the A and O of skin care, you get the skin care plan that's right for you. **



Mechanical Skin Cleansing (45min) is a cleansing treatment for skin with impurities and blockages. The treatment includes initial cleaning, peeling, mechanical removal of impurities, a mask and a treatment cream.


Ultrasonic cleansing (45min) is an effective and gentle skin cleansing method that is suitable for all skin types and especially for the treatment of impure skin. The treatment uses a special device that removes the dead skin cells and regenerates the outermost layer of the skin with ultrasound and high-frequency vibration.  


Vacuum Skin Cleansing (45min) is a gentle treatment that cleanses the pores of the skin with a vacuum cleaner. This powerful Blackhead Vacuum leaves a clean and smooth feel to your skin.  


Skin cleansing for young people (40 min) is suitable as the first facial treatment for young people. The treatment includes skin care control, initial cleansing, exfoliation, light mechanical cleansing, a face mask and a final cream. The treatment uses products suitable for young skin.


Moisturizing facial treatment (60 min) is a brightening and rejuvenating treatment suitable for all skin types (including sensitive ones) that utilizes AHA and PHA acids. After the treatment, your skin will look smoother and your lines smoother. The skin's moisture balance evens out as well 

the absorption capacity of the therapeutic agents is improved.


The perfect facial treatment (60 min) restores firmness and softness to your skin. Intensive treatment brightens and brightens the skin of your face with CO2 carboxotherapy. Effective raw materials help the skin fight against skin oxidation. Oxidation is often caused by stress, air pollution, terminal work, and appears on the skin as signs of aging.


The unique facial treatment for couperose skin (45 min) is a soothing and strengthening treatment for sensitive, couperotic and otherwise irritated and reddened skin. After the treatment, your skin will become soft, fresh and more evenly colored.  


Men's facial treatment (40 min) is an effective facial treatment that uses products suitable for a man's skin. The treatment prevents skin aging and refreshes tired skin.  


Fruit acid peel (30 min) is an instant beauty treatment that brightens and rejuvenates your facial skin and leaves a wonderfully smooth feeling on your face. The treatment includes a brightening exfoliation and a face mask of your choice, as well as lotions. Note! After treatment, you need to protect yourself from the sun especially well.


A classic facial massage (30min) is performed on the face, neck, décolleté, neck and shoulders. Massage relaxes the face, relieves muscle tension, stimulates collagen production, firms  and gives the skin a healthy glow.  


Japanese Kobido facial massage (lymphatic massage) (60min) increases skin elasticity, removes waste products, improves blood and lymph circulation and relaxes facial muscles. Lymph is an effective anti-edema remover and also has very relaxing effects as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system.


Facial Massage The Endospher Teraphy (30 min) is an innovative rejuvenating facial massage that smoothes wrinkles, improves blood circulation, lifts and strengthens the skin, relaxes tense facial muscles (smooths expression lines) and stimulates collagen production. 

The operation of the device is based on compression and microvibration. The most efficient emptying of the liquid medium and removal of lymph fluid and venous blood from the tissues is performed due to compression, and the purpose of microvibration is to improve the microcirculation of the blood. In addition, the tissues are heated two degrees during the session. This promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, leading to rejuvenation and strengthening of the walls of blood vessels. Endosphères®Therapy is a painless, pleasant, physiological, safe treatment that does not harm the skin.















Innovative treatments:


PRX-t33 Exfoliation and Biostimulation (30min) is a treatment for the face and neck area and, if desired, the décolleté, using revolutionary NEEDLE Biorevitalization. PRX-T33 is a safe and effective deep moisturizing, regenerating and repairing treatment that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. PRX-T33 is a quick and easy treatment that reduces the amount and depth of wrinkles, improves the surface blood circulation of the skin and tightens your skin immediately. You can come for treatment even during a lunch break, as this painless and skin-free treatment leaves no marks or redness.  


BioRePeelCl3 exfoliation (30 min) or BioRePeel acid treatment moisturizes and stimulates the skin, whitens pigment changes, restores skin elasticity, tightens, reduces fine lines, creates scars and shrinks pores. You will notice the rejuvenating effects of BioRePeelinCl3 on your skin after the first treatment.


JPX3bio (30 min) is an effective skin regenerating needleless biostimulator for the face and neck.

The treatment is ideal for aging, flabby, pigmented, wrinkled, scarred (including acne scars) and cloudy skin. The treatment is painless and does not require a return period. Recommended as a series of treatments, but you will see the result after the first treatment.


Radiofrequency therapy (45 min) or RF facial is based on the use of radio waves in the deep layers of the skin. The treatment restores and improves skin tissues and smoothes wrinkles in the face, neck and eyes. The treatment speeds up blood circulation and promotes collagen production. The results are visible after the first treatment.  


Biorevitalization PROPHILO is a gentle innovative injection therapy. The highly moisturizing and rejuvenating PROFHILO is a holistic treatment for aged skin based on hyaluronic acid. 

PROFHILO differs from ordinary fillers in many ways due to its structure, which allows it to spread over a large area to increase moisture and firm and regenerate the skin. After treatment, an immediate moisturizing effect that improves skin tone and quality is usually seen. In addition, the elasticity of the skin increases and the lines decrease. PROFHILO is a quick and easy way to improve your skin's health: specially developed injection technology reduces pain and the number of treatments required, making it the perfect holistic facial for lunch. Only five injection sites on each side are enough to treat the entire face.


Mesotherapy is a treatment in which various peptides, vitamins and antioxidants are absorbed into the skin. The purpose of needle therapy is to revitalize the skin and activate cell function and regeneration. We select the active ingredient individually as needed.

Mesotherapy can be applied to the face, eye area, neck and décolleté area.  

Other treatments:


Lip shaping. We use safe and high-quality Stylage fillers in our clinic. These are high-tech products that guarantee the desired result for the customer.


Hair mesotherapy (30min) is one of the most effective treatments to increase hair growth and reduce hair loss, which is done in series treatments.



Body treatments:


Device massage Endosphères®️Therapy is a revolutionary Italian technology in cosmetology that we use in our clinic for both face and body care. (Read more about facials under the heading “Facial Massage with Endospher Teraphy”.)


Treatments with the device can reduce lymph fluid, eliminate cellulite, improve blood circulation, shape the body and shape the muscles.

Endosphères®Therapy is completely non-invasive and painless and works in a completely "biological" way with the unique action of microspheres in the body's natural mechanisms to break down and shape fat and adipose tissue, while stimulating elastin and collagen production.

The Endosphères®Therapy device was developed over ten years by Italian engineer Gianluca Cavaletti and phlebologist Pierre Antonio Bacci. The treatment is physiological, safe and non-traumatic, as confirmed by clinical trials in European university hospitals. The operation of the device is based on compression and microvibration. The most efficient draining of the liquid medium and removal of lymph fluid and venous blood from the tissues is performed by compression, and the purpose of microvibration is to improve the microcirculation of the blood. In addition, the tissues are heated two degrees during the session. This promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, leading to rejuvenation and strengthening of the walls of blood vessels.

Endosphères®Therapy is absolutely painless, pleasant and does not harm the skin, physiological, safe for the body and also avoids complications such as sagging and sagging skin. The result of body shaping and cellulite removal is achieved by improving microcirculation and lymphatic fluid removal, speeding up metabolic processes and strengthening tissues.


Who is suitable for treatment? 

The treatment is suitable for practically anyone who wants to lose weight, correct their silhouette, rejuvenate and improve their health. Treatment is not for children under 18 years of age.


Endosphères®Therapy is the perfect method to treat:

✓ cellulite

✓ sagging skin

✓ body contour modeling

✓ Lymphatic drainage and venous outflow

✓ activates metabolic processes

✓ strengthening of vascular tissue

✓ reduces overweight


Barriers to Endosphères®Therapy:

✓ you are under 18 years old

✓ you are pregnant

✓ you have skin pathology or acute inflammatory processes on the skin

✓ you have an acute, chronic or infectious disease

✓ you have a chronic and / or acute venous thrombosis (venous thrombosis)

✓ you have trophic changes in your skin

✓ you have connective tissue autoimmune diseases

✓ you have cancer

* Please be sure to tell us about your allergies or other health issues so that we can tailor a complete treatment plan for you. *

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